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An established distributor specializing in adhesives, pumping and spraying finishing equipment

Rochester Industrial Supply Company was started in 1955 as an industrial supply house serving the immediate Rochester area.  Through the years we have evolved into a distributor that specializes in adhesives, pumping and spraying finishing equipment.  Our corporate statement is based on providing prompt and technical oriented service to all our customers. This is achieved through our outside sales team, inside customer service group and our service department

We cover all of New York state, Northern Pennsylvania, Western Connecticut, Massachusetts and Vermont.  Product is shipped out of our main warehouse in Rochester, New York and will arrive at our customers within in one or two days.

We are pleased to announce the finishing equipment division of Rochester Industrial Supply is now part of Grapek Bates. For more information on Grapek Bates, please click here!

Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

We offer a wide variety of hot melt adhesive supply units from manual stick guns – manual bulk guns – tank supply units with a wide range of tank capacities  – 5 Gallon and 55 Gallon pail and drum unloaders. Once the hot melt adhesive is melted we have the capability of applying continuous beads, shots or swirl spraying.

Power Adhesives – Dynatec – Graco



We offer water based adhesives for labeling applications and case and carton sealing application –  hot melt adhesives used in bottle labeling applications, book binding applications and case and carton sealing applications – we stock a wide variety of water base and hot melt adhesives in our Rochester warehouse for immediate delivery

Henkel – DHM Adhesives – IFS – Powder Adhesives – Paramelt – Bostik


Plural Component Dispensing Equipment

We have the ability to electronically meter mix two and three component, adhesives, silicone’s, urethane’s and paints and then dispense the mixed material via metered shots, continuous bead or sprayed with a wide variety of spray application equipment.

Graco – Nordson – Ashby Cross

Powder Coating

Powder Coating - Spray Booths - Ovens - Pretreatment

We offer manual and automatic powder coating equipment with powder recovery spray booths – we carry a wide variety of sizes and different configurations and technologies of liquid spray booths for manual and automatic spray applications – Convection batch ovens available with a wide variety of sizes – convection and infrared conveyorized ovens – Sandblasting equipment from portable pot system to suction or pressure cabinets to complete blast rooms – Chemical pretreatment equipment from cabinet parts washers – manual spray wash stations – multistage spray washers.

Nordson – Global Finishing Solutions – Spray Systems – Rapid Engineering – IST

Pumping Equipment

We supply pumps to transfer any material from water – coolants, chemicals – ketchup – pump butter. We have the ability to pump out of 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums or totes. Our pumps can be set up for a siphon, pressure or gravity feed or immersed.

Graco – Graymills – Serfilco

Spray Atomization Technology

We offer a wide variety of atomization technologies from – Conventional (Air Spray) – High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) – Low Volume Medium Pressure (LVMP-Complaint-TransTech) – Laminar Airflow – Air Assisted Airless – Airless – Electrostatic – we offer a variety of options to feed spray guns from siphon, gravity or pressure cup, pressure pot, diaphragm pumps, low or high pressure piston pumps.

Devilbiss – Binks – Graco – Dux – Nordson

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