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Meter Mix Dispensing equipment:

Shot Dispense – Bench top unit – Fixed ratio – piston based system – meters, mixes and dispenses two-component medium to low viscosity materials for potting, gasketing, sealing and encapsulation – Multiple feed systems from 3 liter stainless steel containers to twin 7L Polyethylene tanks to remote fill from drums to totes – Basic control modules stores 5 shot sizes – Advanced Control Modules stores 50 shot sizes – Shot size range from 2cc’s to 70 cc’s. Variable ratio machine also available with ratio range from 1:1 to 24:1. For more information: Graco PR70

Continuous bead or intermittent shots – adjustable ratio – adjustable flow – precision gear meters – meters, mixes and dispenses two component silicone, epoxy, urethane – multiple feeds systems from 3 gallon pressure pot to 5 and 10 gallon pressure pot to remote fill from 55 gallon drums to totes – drip-free mix dispense head wither either static mix head or dynamic mix head – system also available with heating , vacuum degas, shot size control and portable cart. For more information: GP80 Al Frame

Double acting positive displacement system – wide ratio range – Stringent ratio accuracy – +/- 1% PBV – Shot size from .5cc to continuous – positive-displacement piston metering with positive-ported, 4-way directional valves – double acting design for on-demand dispensing with no interruption for reloading the metering cylinders – In-line design prevents racking or side loading of metering pistons – no purge, snuff back mix/design assembly eliminates solvent purging and hazardous waste – abrasion resistant metering cylinder, seals and hardware. Ideal for potting and encapsulating, resin transfer molding – structural bonding, gasketing, sealing and molding. For more information: Graco

Paint Finishing Equipment

Basic mechanical proportioner – air operated pump based system – pump air motor connects to fulcrum that operates A&B pump lowers simultaneously – pump lowers have stainless steel fluid sections to work with a wide variety of coatings – pump lowers are configured to achieve your fixed ratio requirements – mix module basic operation with two position lever switch between flush and spray modes – monitor performance with pressure gauges – Mix ratio range 1:1 to 6:1 – Fluid/Air ratio – 2.3:1 to 36:1 – Air Spray , Air Assisted Airless and Airless spray technologies.  For more information: Merkur M2K

Entry level plural component proportioner – pump or metered base version for all spray technologies – designed for single color or 3 color applications – stay on ratio within predefined tolerances limits – +/- 1% with meter version and +/- 2% with pump based – reduces waste – shortens dry time and reduces VOC’s – Intuitive, icon driven LCD display – displays mix ratio, pot life time(s) and material flow rate – maintenance reminders of pump cycles, valve cycles and filter days – USB kit – download material usage and alarms. For more information: Graco ProMix 2KE

Advanced plural component proportioner – electronically controlled meter based system for the processing of solvent and water-base coatings – rapid change of different base and catalyst materials – system process paint in a wide range of viscosities and flow rates – USB kit – down load material usage and alarms – 2K and 3K mixing capabilities – supports all technology of liquid spray finishing including electrostatic and rotary atomizers – wide variety of feed systems available form pressure pots to remote paint kitchens with complete circulating systems – ideal for painting agriculture equipment – transportation – heavy equipment – aerospace – furniture and general finishing. For more information: ProMix2KOpti Mix

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