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Hot Melt Adhesive Hopper Supply units:

A wide variety of adhesive supply units are available from small capacity hopper style units (10 pounds and higher) to high capacity units (100 pounds and higher).  The units are available with either electric gear pumps or air operated piston pumps.  The hopper style units can be remotely feed from an adhesive supply delivery system which automatically replenishes adhesive to the desired level in hot melt units.  The remote adhesive supply system insure that the tank is always feed with hot melt adhesive and creates a safer work environment by eliminating the operator from manually filling the system.  Our smaller hot melt units offer the industry leading “Melt on Demand hopper.  This style hopper only melts the amount of adhesive required by the application.  A majority of the hot melt adhesive in the hopper remains a lower temperature or even a solid form.  This feature reduces adhesive degradation which leads to nozzles clogging issues.  Melting only the adhesive required results in quicker start ups, reduced energy cost and better viscosity control. For more information: Dynamini

Bulk Hot Melt Drum and Pail Unloaders:

Pump hot melt adhesive directly from a 5 gallon pail or 55 gallon drum.  A wide variety of air operated pumps are offered with varying fluid flow rates to meet the demands of any applications. The bulk unloaders are designed to feed multiple hot melt adhesive dispense heads. For more information: Graco Thermo Flo

Hot Melt Adhesive Applicators and Hoses :

Manual and automatic hot melt adhesive guns have the capability of either applying a bead of hot melt adhesive or spray hot melt adhesive.  The bead system can apply either a line of adhesive or multiple line of adhesives through wide assortment of nozzles sizes and configurations.  The swirl spray hot melt adhesive applicator covers a wide area which reduces hot melt adhesive consumption.

The hot melt hoses are available in a variety of ID’s and lengths depending upon your application.  Hot melt hoses are available for bead, swirl spray or water resistant applications.

OEM Parts:

The OEM parts are high quality hot melt adhesive hoses, modules, nozzles, filters that will work on any hot melt adhesive manufactures equipment at a reduced cost.

Cold Glue Application Equipment:

Air Operated double diaphragm pumps or piston pumps for pumping water based adhesives  out of 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums.  The pumps are used for labeling adhesive, case and carton sealing and business form applications.

Cold glue dispense heads are available with either time or distance based pattern controllers to efficiently apply cold adhesive in either bead or skip pattern which cuts down on adhesive consumption.

Shaped Hot Melt Adhesive and Manual Shaped hot melt guns:

Hot melt adhesives are available in either a stick or cartridge form.  The hot melt adhesive is applied at either 250 degrees or 350 degrees.  The shaped hot melts will work in a wide variety of applications –  Packaging – Product Assembly – Woodwork – Point of Sale – Electrical.

Shaped hot melt adhesive guns will apply adhesive in either stick or cartridge form.  The guns can apply hot melt adhesive in bead, dot and spray pattern depending on the model selected.

The hot melt adhesive guns are available in a wide variety of wattages for a variety of applications.  The higher the wattage the higher the melting rate.

For more information: Power Adhesives

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