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Graco T1 pumps
Air operated piston ball check pumps – available in a wide variety of ratios dependent upon the requirements of the application – Stainless steel or Carbon Steel construction – Multiple mounting configurations – bung style – wall mounted – floor mounted – pumps can be used in dead head system or recirculation systems. Pumps a variety of fluids from solvents, adhesives and paints. For more information: Graco T1

Air Operated piston priming piston design – designed for pumping heavy materials such as sealant, silicone, urethanes, mastic adhesives, grease – available in wide variety of ratio’s dependent upon the requirements of the application – Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel construction – Multiple mounting configurations – Follower plate design – Single post ram – Double post hydraulic ram. For more information: CheckMate

Air Operated Double diaphragm pumps – available in a wide variety of port sizes from ¼” to 3” – Acetal, Polypropylene, Kynar, Stainless Steel and Aluminum construction – flow rates from 3 GPM to 275 GPM – pumps solids from .06” to 3/8” – pumps solutions from Acids, Caustics, Abrasives, Ceramic glaze, low viscosity adhesives, inks, water/waste water, machine coolants, oil, slurries and sludges. Ideal for drum bulk unloading or transfer – circulation and supply systems – fluid evacuation – on-demand batch metering systems – chemical injection – de-watering. For more information: Graco Process

Centrifugal Pumps – operate at relatively low fluid pressure. They will pass abrasives and bits of solid material without binding or appreciable wear and require minimal maintenance. Available in a wide variety of material construction depending on the type of material your pumping. Electric motors or air motors power the pump to provide a wide range of flow rates. The centrifugal pump can handle a wide variety of fluids from water, chemicals, plating materials, waste treatment and machine coolants. Centrifugal pumps will be out of a wide variety of containers such as – 55 gallon drums-side mount on open tanks- bottom mount of tank – vertical mount inside coolant tanks. For more information: Graymills

Gear pumps – ideal for applications where consistently high pressure is required to feed lubricants, drawing compounds, heavy viscosity oils and other fluids which are free of abrasives and scale. Variety of gear pumps available – Spur gears – rugged and accurately cut – Helical gears – provide very smooth and quiet operation at direct motor speeds – Herringbone – for high volume work – run efficiently and quietly.

Bellow pumps – ideal for superior handling of shear sensitive materials such as UV coatings and waterborne coatings – unique bellow design protects piston rod from fluid and abrasive materials which results in three times longer life than standard seals in ordinary piston pumps – available in high pressure – low flow applications capable of supporting one or two spray guns – or rugged low pressure and high flow design – capable of circulating systems and supporting flatline systems. For more information: Graco Bellows Pump

Low pulsation diaphragm pumps – Triton pump designed specifically for the paint finishing industry – provide 50% less pressure pulsation than standard diaphragm pumps – rugged stainless steel or aluminum construction – twice the output per stroke – high output per stroke means les pump wear- higher suction power designed to handle higher viscosity materials. For more information: Graco Triton

High pressure diaphragm pumps – Endura-Flo designed for paint finishing supply and circulation – superior durability for abrasive materials – 4:1 ratio output – low pulsation output and smooth change over for quick color changes – optional Data Trak – easy to set runaway protection – pump diagnostics for maintenance – resettable batch counter tracks material usage and maintenance schedule. For more information: Graco Endura-Flo

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